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Neptune: Cold Brew

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Our Neptune cold brew is beautifully crafted to allow the full flavor of our coffee.  Each sip experiences the delicious full flavors of smooth Chocolate, English butter toffee coupled with tones of floral elegance with every batch. Just like the coldest planet in the solar system, this is best served over ice on a nice warm day will absolutely showcase this masterpiece. Great for Cold Brew or Nitro drinks.
    • Certification/Grade: Organic
    • Roast: Medium
    • Flavor Notes: Chocolate, English Butter Toffee with Tones of Floral
    • Additives: None! This is 100% coffee

Crafted specifically for Cold Brew and Nitro coffee. 
Recommended buying whole bean and grinding yourself just before brewing.   We will gladly grind if you prefer. 

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