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Apollo Jack: Whiskey Barrel Aged

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Get all the subtlety and nuance of whiskey, along with the bold flavor you've come to expect from Rocket Fuel Coffee with our new Whiskey Barrel Aged Coffee.

It is a single-origin from Guatemala, medium roast coffee that is aged in bourbon barrels for 45 days prior to being roasted to order, giving it a wonderful smoky complexity with notes of brown sugar and vanilla.  There is no better gift for the whiskey lover in your life than this 0% alcohol, 100% bold coffee.

Whiskey drinkers and coffee drinkers are two of the most passionate groups of people in the world when it comes to food and drink.  We decided that there was no better way to bring the two groups together than by creating a coffee that had all the boldness and flavor of specialty coffee, with the complexity and nuance of whiskey. After aging in a bourbon barrel for 45 days, this coffee picks up the best of both worlds to create the most unique cup of coffee you'll ever have.

As always, every bag of coffee is roasted to order, which means your coffee doesn't get roasted until the day you order it, ensuring your coffee is the freshest it can possibly be.  Depending on our lead time, when you receive your coffee, it is no more than 5 days post-roast, giving you the freshest coffee you can get online.

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